Knowledge Hub

SAMN develops an expanding Knowledge Hub (the Hub) for the industry that shares relevant data, news and views from diverse experiences and perspective, undertakes meaningful research, identify trends, promote best practices, support innovations, build consensus and set standards.

The hub has an array of knowledge solutions such as web-based portal, e-bulletins, publications, research studies, demonstration projects and events. Hub pools plurality and insights of thoughts and experiences, thereby improving the capacity of the industry in the region to examine, innovate and adopt best practices. The hub also provides strategic mechanisms to influence key discussions, decisions and initiatives at the policy and business level in the region and beyond.

The various components of the Hub are:

E-portal: This is a dedicated portal to provide information, knowledge, data, views and analysis for microfinance industry in South Asia. Portal is an interactive website allowing industry players to also share news and opinions.

Monthly newsletter: Simple html newsletter capturing key news and events relevant for the regional audience working for and interested about the microfinance industry of the region.

Publications: SAMN commissions and undertake several market research studies periodically on topics that have relevance of microfinance business community in the region.

Events: SAMN organizes forward-looking events for those keen to advance in financial inclusion agenda. The events are organized in different formats – forum, round tables, workshops and conferences among others, bringing intelligent perspectives and sharp analyses. The events bring an eclectic mix of speakers and audience for an informed debate and progressive new learning.