The SAMN is a regional network aiming at enhancing capacity, financing and regional dialogue in the microfinance sector of South Asia. SAMN governance is composed of leading Apex Institutions from the countries of the region along with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED). SAMN also partners with MFIs, Investors, Banks and other key microfinance stakeholders to fulfil its objectives.
SAMN was established in 2008 with a vision to improve financial inclusion among low-income population in the region. The early foundation of SAMN was laid by ACTED, a French INGO along with ACCESS Development Services and other regional and global microfinance stakeholders.
SAMN membership now consists of the leading national microfinance apex institutions across six countries in the region, who along with ACTED lead, manage and govern SAMN activities with ownership towards the shared objectives. Thus, SAMN is the representative voice of the South Asian Micro-Entrepreneur’s community reaching more than 60 million low-income customers in the region.
The current SAMN members, each represented with a seat on the SAMN Board of Directors, are:

  • In Afghanistan: Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA)
  • In Bangladesh: Credit Development Forum (CDF)
  • In India: Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN)
  • In Nepal: Centre for Microfinance (CMF)
  • In Pakistan: Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)
  • In Sri Lanka: Lanka Microfinance Practitioner’s Association (LMFPA)


To enhance financial inclusion among low-income population in South Asia
SAMN achieves this by improving knowledge, business environment and capital flows for the microfinance industry across six countries in the region: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


To achieve its vision of enhancing financial inclusion; SAMN has following overall and specific objectives.

  1. To enhance the quality and outreach of microfinance in South Asia by building strong, sustainable and scalable institutions through technical assistance and financing facilitation inputs to growth oriented MFIs

Through SAMN partnership, each institution:

  • Improves and enacts key systems and policies
  • Meets financial and efficiency performance standards as per international benchmarks
  • Provides client-focused products and services
  • Reports accurately and transparently on its financial and social performance
  • Has access to a sufficient and diverse set of financing on a sustainable basis.
  1. To promote best practices and exchange through the creation of a regional space for microfinance in South Asia.

SAMN aims to become:

  • A regional information hub for best practices, sector data, benchmark, regulation, investment deals, contact information among others.
  • A viable and sought-after platform to facilitate exchange.

Focus Area

SAMN works in three core focus areas and develop competencies around these:

Creating regional space for microfinance: SAMN, through its membership of leading national microfinance apexes, is uniquely placed to provide platform for regional exchange and dialogue. Through this dimension SAMN aims to become a regional hub for collecting and widely disseminating information on microfinance, including best practices, sector data, benchmark, regulation, investment deals, contact information among others and a viable and sought-after platform to facilitate exchange among microfinance stakeholders.
Regional exchange is facilitated through Knowledge Management Services such as Information Hub, Publication of Investment Guidelines, Investors and TA Providers Directory, Background and Focus notes, SAMN Monthly Newsletter, SAMN Bi-annual Bulletin and Website. Additionally, SAMN organizes regional events on different theme bringing together a diverse range of microfinance stakeholders from the region and beyond for meaningful exchange through small workshops and focus group discussions. When requested and necessary, SAMN focuses on building capacity of its member through direct inputs as well as through peer learning.
Partnership with Investors, Banks and microfinance stakeholder
The SAMN continuously develops and welcomes strategic partnership with Investors, Banks and other microfinance stakeholders to bring various expertise and domain knowledge on board for comprehensive and cost-effective services and to leverage its action.
SAMN Sustainability Strategy
SAMN generates it’s funding through:

  • Membership Fee
  • Surplus from Conference sponsorship
  • Nimble structure – one full time staff, Office at PMN with an Honorary CEO position, No head office cost

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